z/OS Solutions

Vanguard Administration

Vanguard Administration is a powerful Cybersecurity Solution that automates processes, provides automated reporting with real-time management, and provides easy-to-use control policy tools to save time, resources and money.

  • Administrator
  • CleanUp
  • ez/Integrator
  • Password Reset
  • Security Center
  • Security Manager
Vanguard Audit & Comp.

Vanguard Audit & Compliance is a robust z/OS CyberSafety Solution that allows you to manage configurations, adjust and monitor in real time using the most advanced International Security policies to determine, isolate and meet standards.

  • Advisor
  • Analyzer
  • Configuration Manager
  • Enforcer
  • ez/Integrator
  • InCompliance
  • Offline
  • Policy Manager
Vanguard Authentication

Vanguard Authentication is a modular and scalable Integrated Authentication Solution that enables organizations to control and secure access to the entire IT infrastructure. Vanguard simplifies corporate authentication and access control.

  • Authenticator
  • ez/Integrator
  • ez/PIV Card
  • ez/Sign On
  • ez/Token
  • Tokenless Authentication
EE-APPN Sec. Compliance

NetQ provides the EE-APPN Security Compliancy Suite solution to protect critical information as a result of your professional experience as Forensic Analyst around the world.

  • Net-Examine
  • SNA/APPN-EE Firewall
  • Sarbanes-Oxley / NIST / Corporate Compliancy
SSH Suite

SSH Suite enables complete, secure, efficient and auditable control in complex IT environments. They interconnect environments, clouds and Mainframes, being able to provide a secure access to the most critical servers of the company.

  • SSH Rsik Assessment
  • CryptoAuditor
  • Universal SSH Key Manager
  • Tectia SSH
Host Systems Solutions

Leading company leading the Software for the Management of Catalogs in z/OS and System Optimization.

  • CIM Catalog Information Manager
  • DSO DASD Space Optimizer
  • CSM Cross Sysplex Manager
Treehouse Software

Top experts in the NATURAL / ADABAS environment and in the offer of applications that reduce the effort in the migration operations to other technological infrastructures.

  • Data Integration, Replication and Migration
  • Application Modernization and Portfolio Management
  • Legacy
Intellinx Software

Leading company in the detection of anomalous behavior patterns revealing possible frauds. It works at all levels, from the end user of business applications to the systems technician with tens of years of experience.

  • Intellinx
30 years

Bsecure is a Consultant specializing in the commercialization of Security solutions and services for Mainframe and z/OS environments.

z/OS Services

  • Intrusion Test

    Service to discover high-risk vulnerabilities, determine the level of protection in the system, offer solutions (products, services or support) and recommendations based on an improvement plan.

  • Implementation Service

    Implementation services include increasing the efficiency of existing safety and regulatory compliance by developing new safety processes under industry and training regulations and regulations.

  • Security Migration

    Get the resources and expertise you need to quickly and securely manage the migration of DB2 security to RACF.

  • Head Hunter

    Bsecure helps organizations find highly qualified staff to increase their workforce.

  • Recovery from disasters

    Bsecure has partners with a wide experience worldwide in disaster recovery systems.

  • Access Control According to Roles

    Through the Vanguard Roles-based Access Control tool, you can save time and money in implementing this work architecture.

  • Security Evaluation

    Security Assessments quickly identify and prioritize intrusion risks, determine if the implementation reflects best practices for security and integrity, and assess the potential impact and exposure of any weaknesses encountered.

  • Fonrensic Analysis

    Bsecure has a forensic team of recognized world-wide prestige that has helped to clarify more than a dozen attacks with information theft against Mainframe and z/OS systems in a discreet and confidential way.